Privacy Policy

Trans Plus Software respects the privacy of visitors to our website. Information tracked such as, IP address, type of browser, etc. collected by the Internet server, will be used to analyze the effectiveness of our website, administer the site, and track the number of visits to each section of our site. We hope that this analysis will allow us to offer better information on our site and in promotions, and will permit better targeting of our marketing campaigns.

All information collected from visitors voluntarily filling out the Information and Demo Request Form or other such forms on our site, will be retained by Trans Plus Systems Corp. This information will not be sold to other parties so that we may gain profit from doing so. We may however, share this information with Complementary Solution Providers within the Transportation Industry so that they may be able to offer additional solutions to you. If at any time you wish to discontinue receiving information from Trans Plus Systems Corp., one of our affiliations, or our Complementary Solution Providers, please contact us through the method below and we will remove you from our communications database.

To Discontinue Receiving Information from Trans Plus:

Email us at Please provide your name, company name and email address in the message portion.