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Trans+Plus - Success Stories - Developer of transportation software solutions to automate, streamline and optimize the management of your trucking dispatch, logistics or freight brokerage operation

Trans+Plus - Firm Transportation “We are a 3PL company serving approximately 500 clients in the Southern Ontario marketplace. Our scope of service is Worldwide, however dominated by North American transportation.

Our experience has shown that customers require consistent personal attention to their shipments, from the point of pick up through to the final delivery. This requires our staff to monitor every detail of every freight movement. To do this effectively, we needed a logistics management system that we could rely on.

We evaluated transportation systems from several companies. We even asked our competitors what they would recommend using. We chose Logistics ManagerTM from Trans+Plus because I personally believed both the software as well as the support system would be superior to the other companies. It has proven true on both accounts.

Our company has grown over the years because of our commitment to consistent service and reliable, effective communication. Trans+Plus not only helped us maintain a high level of efficiency during the transition to Logistics Manager, but the software has actually improved it.”

David Firman, President, Firm Transportation & Distribution Services Inc.

Firm Transportation & Distribution Services Inc. uses Logistics ManagerTM

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Freight Assist can greatly improve efficiencies in the operation of your daily business.”

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