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Trans+Plus - Press Releases - Developer of transportation software solutions to automate, streamline and optimize the management of your trucking dispatch, logistics or freight brokerage operation

February 7, 2007

Trans+Plus Celebrates Darcol International's Success Using ACE Solution for Fleet Manager Professional

GUELPH, Ontario–Trans+Plus Systems Corp., a trusted provider of leading edge transportation dispatch and operations management software technology and the developer of Fleet Manager Professional, is excited to share the success Darcol International Inc has had using the ACE e-Manifest Interface Module currently available for use with their core software system.

Darcol International, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba is a Full Load / LTL carrier. Always taking the proactive approach, Darcol consistently strives to stay ahead of and exceed all safety, security, and legislative requirements. When the new Customs and Border Protection mandate for ACE was announced, Darcol was eager to implement the ACE e-Manifest Interface Module for their current trucking dispatch and operations management software, Fleet Manager Professional

“Darcol was the first carrier to use the Trans+Plus ACE e-Manifest Interface Module, successfully sending the required ACE e-Manifest data directly from within Fleet Manager Professional in preparation for their trucks to cross the border into the United States, said Dave Wright, President of Trans+Plus Systems Corp. “We were able to train Darcol's dispatching team in a very short period of time. Once trained, with just a few simple steps that took less than two minutes to complete, the dispatchers were sending the e-Manifests to CBP. It then took about five minutes to be accepted. It was that quick and easy!”

Since acceptance of new technology is always a concern for any software provider, Trans+Plus was eager to know how the employees at Darcol were reacting to the new system. The comments were extremely positive.

“I've just gotten feedback from two different drivers crossing the border last weekend, said Carol Norrie of Darcol International. “We had just started using the e-Manifest in Fleet Manager Professional which generated the cover sheet with SCN's and the bar code, and neither driver got pulled into secondary! This is the first report we've had of our drivers being able to avoid the secondary inspection process. As an LTL carrier, secondary is a standard part of crossing the border. Being able to skip it had my drivers through the border in two minutes flat! Very exciting for them! Very exciting for us! she added.

The next week Carol reported, “I just wanted to let you know that we had another successful weekend of shipping! The ACE e-Manifest Interface Module is so dependable, reliable and easy to use. I am thrilled with the results!”

Companies are now required to submit an e-Manifest to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) before their trucks arrive at the border, under the new ACE program. Trans+Plus Systems Corp. offers a CBP approved method of Electronic Data Interchange through their ACE e-Manifest software interface for Fleet Manager Professional using shipment details already supplied in the software.

By using the Trans+Plus ACE e-Manifest Interface Module for Fleet Manager Professional, clients can expect to substantially decrease the amount of time needed to complete the reporting for each cross border shipment. Carriers that process hundreds of U.S. bound loads each week will be saving an enormous amount of time and effort by automating with this ACE solution.

About Fleet Manager Professional
Fleet Manager Professional is an intuitive, event based, trucking dispatch and freight brokerage software system for integrated fleet and logistics management. It was designed to optimize management of all operations for Asset Based, Broker, 3PL and Private Fleet companies providing LTL, City P&D, Cartage, Truckload, Line haul, freight consolidation and inter-modal container shipping services. A user friendly, Windows client server application developed with a Microsoft© SQL database structure, Fleet Manager Professional offers increased software performance, scalability, reliability, security and wider acceptance of use. Interfaces for accounting, GPS tracking, satellite / mobile communications, mileage calculation, optimized routing, and document imaging are available offering seamless information flow between software applications. Options are also available for ACE automated e-manifesting, EDI, and Freight Assist our on-line order entry, and web-based track and trace system.

About Trans+Plus Systems Corp.
For over 15 years, Trans+Plus has been providing professional consultation, systems analysis, powerful trucking and logistics software applications, comprehensive on-site training and unparalleled support services throughout North America.

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