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A transportation management software system is only as good as the people who use it. We believe that professional hands-on training is essential to your success.

Trans Plus Software understands the challenges faced when learning a new software program. We have a four-phase approach that offers a comprehensive training program that is described as follows:

Phase 1

Trans Plus training actually begins the day the product is first installed. Beginning with database maintenance training, you are instructed on how to build the basic databases required to process your data. These include customers, customs brokers, carriers, salespersons, drivers, equipment etc. This initial set up allows the users to become familiar with the program while preparing it for use without any pressure.

Phase 2

The training seminar, held on your premises, provides a comprehensive overview of the system. This full day group session introduces your staff to the theories and procedures of order entry, dispatch, tracing and fleet management. Usually held on a Saturday means little or no interruption.

Phase 3

A Trans Plus trainer is present the first day your company goes live with the your new system. This means that during those critical real time hours, someone will be there to help your staff through it all.

Phase 4

Finally, we provide follow up training. Scheduled approximately one week following your seminar, this session is focused on reviewing and reinforcing dispatching methods, billing and trip reporting, and other management concerns.

This time proven four-phase training method ensures a smooth transition to your new system. Combining our unique software design and training methods means an implementation that takes days, not weeks or months.