Customer Service Representative

Prime Responsibility: To professionally and effectively represent Trans Plus Software by assisting it's Customers in their use and utilization of Trans Plus Software products

Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Cooperatively and openly work with other Trans Plus employees to provide customers with a positive user experience.
  • Listen to and then patiently assist customers over the phone with questions and issues related to our software products.
  • Appropriately respond to customer questions and issues that are assigned in the CRM.
  • Effectively manage customer questions and issues that cannot be completely handled during a phone call.  This will include the ability to understand the customer question or issue, escalate the question to other team members, properly record the details of the issue in the CRM, and conscientiously manage the issue including follow-up with the customer until the customer issue has been resolved.
  • Contact customers with status updates via phone or e-mail as their cases and issues advance.
  • Record cases, call details and activities thoroughly and clearly in the CRM
  • Assist with monitoring e-solutions software products and addressing issues that arise throughout the business day.
  • Coordinate and install software updates with customers.
  • Create Knowledgebase articles in the CRM for other team members to use
  • Training of NASP customers as well as module training for existing customers
  • Internal Training Coordination / Preperation of New Functionality release
  • Troubleshooting within the application 
  • Any other tasks that may be assigned by the Customer Relations Manager

Excelling with Trans Plus means being motivated from within, working well with others and being passionate about what you do and why you do it.

Resumes can be submitted through or in direct attention of Sarah Miller - Customer Relations Manager,